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SprintRay Pro 55

Precision Yield

55-micron XY pixel size


Bespoke 405nm LED projector


Hybrid Dentures, Temporary and Definitive Crowns, Surgical Guides and more


3rd Party resin Support


Powerful 6-core On-board CPU with GPU


7” Touch Screen

The world’s most advanced desktop 3D printer.

Every detail crafted for dentistry.

Breakthrough tech, breakneck speed.

The custom projector used in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light uniformly across the entire build surface. Developed specifically for 3D printing, each projector’s output is checked at key points across the build surface for accuracy measured down to the individual pixel. It’s the only way to ensure a perfect, accurate print. Every single time.

405nm LED


Incredible precision.

A 55-micron XY pixel size and Pixel Toning brings industry-leading accuracy to Pro 55, making it perfect for jobs that require razor-thin margins such as temporary and definitive crowns, hybrid dentures, and more. Pro 55 is the ideal printer for clinics or labs that specialize in restorative applications, reducing treatment cost and delivery times while improving your workflow.

55μm XY pixel


Your new dental production assistant.

The custom 7” touchscreen on SprintRay Pro manages your prints, resin levels, and calibration. It also provides contextual help and instructional videos, so that you can focus on using your 3D printer to provide high-quality dental care.


Chassis, Panels, and Build Quality

Accurate production and high throughput for all manner of dental appliances.

SprintRay Pro Dental 3D Printer
Ready for today, built for tomorrow.

Own the Future

SprintRay Pro is always connected, incredibly fast, and easy to use. With future-proof features like over-the-air updates and a 7” touchscreen, it’ll be on the cutting-edge for a generation. And with SprintRay’s incredible support staff, printing has never been so hassle-free.

Plug and Play

SprintRay Pro comes standard with everything you need to start printing, including a quick-start guide and tools to take you from digital model to finished product.

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